Dr. Luisa Moreno, Ph.D., has over 12 years of experience in technical and economic research, with unparalleled expertise in strategic minerals and related processes. Dr. Moreno is currently Co-founder and Managing Partner at Tahuti Global. Prior to this, she spent 7 years as a Financial and Senior Equity Analyst at Canadian Financial Research and Investment Banking firms, including 4 years covering the specialized field of industrial minerals within the metals and mining sector of these firms. Dr. Moreno possesses strong insight into materials processing and metallurgy of industrial and precious metals and an astute understanding of supply and demand dynamics.

She has published a number of advanced technical reports on key strategic materials, and is a sought after consultant to numerous mining and processing companies and industrial end-users. She is on the board of several junior mining companies developing strategic materials like lithium, cobalt, tantalum and battery-grade manganese. Dr. Moreno is a frequent guest speaker on television and at international conferences, and is often quoted in national and international media and newspapers. Dr. Moreno is a Physics Engineer with a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Mechanics from Imperial College London, in the United Kingdom.