Sodium-Ion Properties

Ceylon Salt Lake, looking SW from above NE of lake.  Lake is generally dry, with white salt (likely primarily mirabilite) precipitated salt bed on playa lake bed.  Open water in right foreground from lake-bed spring.  Salmon-coloured transverse areas where the spring discharge has overflowed onto the intermittent crystal bed.

Ceylon Salt Lake, looking SSW from lake level.  Open water from spring in middle ground, with white salt flats and salmon-stained patches beyond.

Shoreline along NE margin of lake.  Ropy material extending out from shore is washed-up algal mats.

Sampling a spring near the southern end of the lake, offshore the former plant site. Low red vegetation between camera and samplers is Salicornia rubra (red saltwort), a succulent halophyte characteristic of salt flats and the margins of alkaline lakes.

Looking NW towards N end of Ceylon Salt Lake

Looking WSW from hills above E side of Cabri Lake.  Very little water in lake, little evidence of widespread and persistent springs seen at Ceylon, only a small portion of dried lakebed is white with alkali precipitate.

From south shore of Freefight Lake, looking WNW toward salt flat at west end of lake which is only submerged after spring runoff.  Water (brine) in the main part of the lake reaches 10s of metres.  Freefight is described by Last as the deepest saline lake in Canada. Relatively fresh near surface, very hig salinities of are recorded at depth.

From south shore of Freefight Lake, looking NNE toward east end of lake.